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The 4ft 2in performer from Motherwell, who can make £750 per night by being handcuffed to the groom, first messaged a pair of twins on Facebook when they were 15 and asked one to feel “his third leg'”.Yesterday he appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court where he was ordered to perform 240 hours of unpaid work and put on the sex offenders' register for three years.If you have a wiki that anyone on the web can edit, I’d recommend nofollow on those links until you can find a way to trust those links.In general, if you have an application that allows others to add links, web spammers will eventually find your pages and start annoying you. There’s a domain that runs an oompa loompa dating service.

The amount of product you use is all up to you but I would definitely endorse a “less is more” policy for your first time. Wear loose-fitting clothing while you wait for your tan to dry and develop.

It used to have real people leaving messages for each other. And if you mouse over the little home page icon, you see why; I’ve highlighted one below: The fact that webspammers will find and attack a one-off application is very telling.

But it also lets you add a link to a webpage, so this fun service has been inundated with people trying to get links. It shows that if you run a site that lets anyone add a regular link, webspammers will eventually find your site and spam it as well.

Tom and Jerry are back in the movies, but this time with Willy Wonka, Charlie, and the chocolate factory. animation studio is set to release the film in DVDs this year and the trailer is already up on youtube.

However, many people are not thrilled with the news.

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I personally believe that having a tan makes everything better.

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