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If you’re creative and have the gift of gab, you’ll be good at this job.I work at a desk from home and I have a headset that’s plugged into a landline (we can’t use cell phones) and that costs me about each month.With the click of a mouse, people can access all kinds of information.They can also communicate with other people from around the globe.

I’ve been a phone-sex operator since 2008 and I have never met anyone I work with, not even my boss.I got a degree for a “regular” career, but when my car died I realized if I was going to pay my bills I had to find work I could do from home.My family had no money and public transport was abysmal. All you had to do was leave a message and based on how your voice sounds you got hired.If you want to watch him make jokes about Richard Hammond’s height, it will now cost you £7.99 a month.I kept thinking about Clarkson when reading about the BBC’s top earners, revealed under duress from a government seeking to embarrass the publicly funded broadcaster.

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