Lisa vanderpump dating

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Lisa vanderpump dating

Atlanta has Ne Ne, New York has the Countess Luann, Orange County has the dignity of being patient zero and not much else — but of all the Housewives, across America, Vanderpump has emerged at the forefront.

(Just look at the reports that name her as the highest-paid Housewife across all franchises.) Camille Paglia, critic and longtime Housewives fan, credits Vanderpump’s rule to “her flamboyant, floridly female persona and her cultivation of a lordly country-house life style (with resident swans) that verges on Marie Antoinette.” Vanderpump, Paglia told me in an email, is a “queen bee” who “mischievously traffics in sexual double entendres while flatly asserting woman’s absolute control over men (her husband, the charmingly deferential Ken Todd).” Executive producer Andy Cohen, the man who green-lit her casting, offers a different comparison.

On a not-so-positive note, the episode also showed James getting into an argument with bosses Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd outside of SUR, an argument that got so heated that Ken threatened to physically harm James because of his behavior.And I think he was guilty by omission and I think that was incredibly unfair for him to put her in that position to have to deal with that," she said."And I'm not saying she wouldn't have married him, but I think she should have known before she committed to the relationship.Plumed and snowy as one of her eight beloved swans, receiving the adoration of devoted subjects, she is deeply in her element. She is exactly what you want a cartoon rich person to be, down to the fluffy dog with a personal supply of bottled water, and the human water-sommelier (Lobel) to serve it.Vanderpump has been on the , to the initiated) for all of the show’s seven seasons, and in that time she’s set the gold standard of Real Housewifery.

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In a phone conversation, he explains he saw something “Jackie Collins–esque” in her.