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If you’re looking to rent a home in the Honolulu Metro, Downtown, Kakaako, or Waikiki Areas, you know that it is just as competitive as buying a home. Many people ask if I can help them find rentals on Oahu.

It’s within my ability, but I have a full-time career in helping people purchase or sell properties on Oahu.

Most these scams follow the same pattern you see on e Bay and other online auction sites.

Try posting that you have a piece of jewelry or some other easily-mailed valuable item for sale and the first response you get will probably be someone trying scam you.

Authorities have arrested a Washington, DC woman named Jamyra Gallmon for the crime.

On the left, another view of the person of interest on CCTV and on the right, Messerschmitt.

Long before Airbnb (and before we all grew weary of the term “sharing economy”), thrifty, adventurous travelers saved money on vacations by participating in home swaps–my NYC apartment for your Cape Cod bungalow, my Catskills cabin for your South Beach condo.

Swappers find each other via listings in the back of travel magazines, or by going through a swapping service.

Be smart, be aware and if in doubt ask your friends or someone with internet savvy what they think if things sound fishy.He said that her supportive family always turned up to watch her high school games.According to the police report, Messerchmitt left his work at law film, DLA Piper, around 5.30pm on February 9 and texted his wife a couple of hours later to say he would back at their Capitol Hill home in an hour.Have you forgotten that the term is “swap” not “pillage”? * The idea of a swap may freak you out a bit, but ultimately…The facts: * You may even have the thing travelers desperately want: a nice, relaxing apartment in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens. * …you aren’t putting anything at risk that your fellow swapper isn’t. My boyfriend and I are three-time swappers having traded our Hell’s Kitchen apartment for Christmas holidays in the Ebisu area of Tokyo, an art-filled week in Berlin’s Kreuzberg and a two-week winter getaway just steps from Waikiki Beach in Oahu.

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Is it really weirder than sleeping in a hotel previously inhabited by whom doing what exactly?

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