Accomodating monetary policy two types of fossil dating

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It is useful to distinguish two aspects to the question of whether we expect too much of monetary policy.

The first is whether we can expect it to work when the economy is on the downswing in the same degree as when it is on the upswing.

The importance of monetary policy is revered in modern macroeconomics and its prominence in the Ghanaian economy is unchallenged.

The Monetary Policy Rate(MPR) is the monetary policy tool of the Bank of Ghana (Bo G), and it is the rate at which commercial banks can borrow from the central bank.

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The FOMC then embarked on a series of large-scale asset purchase programs to reduce longer-term interest rates.

By December 2015, the unemployment rate had come down to 5 percent and there had been considerable improvement in a broad range of indicators of labor market conditions.

In 2007, the Bank adopted Inflation Targeting (IT) as the framework for the conduct of monetary policy in Ghana.

The Flaw of the Inflation Targeting (IT) Regime Truly, IT was (and is) a guiding principle for the Bank of Ghana principally because it gave a clear goal for policy in the medium term.

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Nonetheless, capacity constraints hamper the output adjustment to monetary shocks and increase price inflation.

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