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To share a database by using a network folder @David Postill - It seems if I (the creator of the Access database) have it open then nobody else can open it (even though I have my client settings set to open in shared mode).If someone else has it open then I am still able to open it.Although this is the simplest method, it is also the most limited.Before you consider this method, all the following conditions should be met: Note This method is less secure than other methods of sharing a database, because each user has a full copy of the database file, increasing the risk of unauthorized access.We're not so much concerned about the security aspects, but more about some of the following issues: When you say "Using a different back-end is another ...", does it mean that you do not want to split your app into one back-end access file and multiple access clients, or does it mean that you do not want to use another solution than ms-access as a back end?I find the answers to this question to be problematic, confusing and incomplete, so I'll make an effort to do better. Edited Record is how you set the default record locking for WRITES.Nobody has really answered this in any complete fashion. One might think that you want to use record-level pessimistic locking, but the fact is that in the vast majority of apps, two users are almost never editing the same record.

This will definately stop the error that you are getting.

Taking something similar what Senoc26 has, You can push all of your data to My SQL or MS SQL for little to no cost.

These database servers are meant to handle multiple connections at the same time to help prevent corruption.

Users work with a local copy of the front-end database, and the data is sent/retrieved from the back-end database.

So, there could be many copies of the front-end database, but only one copy of the back-end.

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There are several ways that you can share an Access database depending on your needs and resource availability.

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